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RCCG Miracle Land Dundalk
Friday, August 14 2015

Contributor: Akin Akande

Last week, we considered how God is able to supernaturally provide as well as cancel debts, whenever He wishes to do so. We saw that God can not be limited in supplying for what we truly need and He is more than able to cancel any debt by providing the finances, removing the debt or moving upon the heart of others.
This week, we will look at the “bank” of heaven, how one makes deposits and withdrawing from the account.

“Bank” of heaven
Simply put, a bank is a supply of something (mostly money) held in reserve or an establishment for the custody, loan, exchange, or issue of money, for the extension of credit, and for facilitating the transmission of funds. There are therefore banks here on earth and nothing is wrong in having them. We must not only trust in them! In the bible there are “banks” (See 2 Chro. 31:11, John 12:6).
Similarly, there are “bank” accounts in heaven too (See Matt. 6:19-21, Luke 12:33). Unfortunately many do not know that they have such accounts. One church that walked in the reality of such account is the church at Philippi (Phil. 4:14-19 – Read verses 15 and 17 in different versions).

Making Deposits
Just as we make deposits into our accounts here on earth, we must make deposits to our heavenly bank accounts. In Matt. 6:19-21, “Lay up” means to make deposits. One makes deposits by doing the following
• Tithing – Mal. 3:10
• Investing in the gospel – Mark 10:29-30
• Giving to the poor – Pro. 19:17, Matt. 19:21
• Giving as praise to God – 1 Chro. 16:29

Making Withdrawals
Again, since there is an account and one makes deposits into them it must also be possible to make withdrawals 1 Tim 6:17-19

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland story: They started up with lots of difficulties in their finances. After hearing messages about faith from Kenneth Hagin, they took practical proactive steps; listed all they owed, what they needed, prayed, fasted, etc. They agreed together according to Romans 13:8 that they would never borrow another dime. They committed to God that they would pay back everyone they owed. They continued to make deposits into their heavenly account by faithfully tithing and sowing seed.
They released their faith and made a withdrawal from their heavenly bank account.
This process took time, effort, prayer, focus and diligence. They saturated themselves with God’s Word and cut off every voice of the world – no TV or newspapers – just the Word of God.
Praise God – twelve months from that day, every debt was paid in full and every need was completely met.

Seven-Point Bank of Heaven Withdrawal
1. Decide on the amount you need (James 1:5-8).
a. Be exact and single-minded. 

b. Write it down. 

c. List your needs, debts and desires. 

2. Get in agreement with people of like faith (Matthew 18:19-20). 

3. Claim what you need by faith (Mark 11:23-24). 

4. Bind the devil and his forces (Matthew 18:18). Say something like “Satan, take your hands off my money!”
5. “Loose” (I will say “speak to”) the angels to go get it (Hebrews 1:4).
For example declare “Ministering spirits – go get my money!”
6.  Continually praise God for it (Psalm 34:1). 

7. Avoid strife and unforgiveness (James 3:16; Mark 11:25-26). 

Understanding that we have “bank” accounts in heaven is the first step in order to make withdrawals. Most importantly, we must consciously make deposits into the accounts before withdrawals are made. Take practical steps to deposit into your heavenly accounts and release your faith to withdraw from them.
Most parts of this outline are culled from “40 DAYS OF PROSPERITY” by Pastor George Pearsons

Sample Prayer of Agreement
“Father, in the Name of Jesus, we make a withdrawal of €_______ from our heavenly bank account. We have this money in our account and we are withdrawing this amount now. We believe we receive €_______. As in Mark 11:23-24, we believe it in our hearts and confess now that it is ours in the Name of Jesus. We agree that we have this amount according to Matthew 18:19. From this day forward, we roll the care of this over on to You and thank You for it. Satan, we take authority over you; we bind your operation now and render you helpless. Ministering spirits, we charge you to go forth and cause this amount to come to us according to Hebrews 1:14. Father, we praise Your Name for meeting our needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus, and for multiplying our seed for sowing, in the Name of Jesus.”

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