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Guidelines for Sunday School Teachers

The Sunday School Department is a department under the RCCG Miracle Land.

This department is responsible for the handling of Sunday school class during church services.

The department is responsible to the Pastor of the parish.

The department has a head and an administrator that represents and handles the affairs of the department.


Once a new member joins the department, he/she will undergo a training period of three months or less during which the applicant would have gone through the following before allowed to teach in Sunday service.

  1. You must have gone through the membership class of the church
  2. You must be filled with the Holy Ghost
  3. You must have undergone water baptism
  4. You must have shown yourself approved over time through recognizable fruits.
  5. You must be respected by others outside the church, showing mercy, and forgiveness to all. 
  6. Husband/Wife of one wife/husband, if married.
  7. You must be matured, blameless, temperate, sober- minded, demonstrate sustained ethical character.
  8. Ready to obey and do all things in the church as servants to others out of humility.
  9. Not having selfish ambitions, but desiring to give more than to receive
  10. Must have taught during the Sunday school prep for at least two times.


  1. Sunday School Preparatory class is to be held every Saturday.  However, should there be any need for alternate meeting arrangements members will be informed before hand.
  2. A member unable to attend any meeting/Sunday teaching is expected to inform the head of department or administrator.
  3. Members scheduled to teach on any Sunday should take the preparatory class.
  4. Any member that does not attend the last preparatory class before the Sunday scheduled to teach will not teach that Sunday.


Sunday School is one of the teaching arms of the church, for the "proper " equipping of the saints, it is therefore very necessary that each teacher develop their unique and effective skills in being able to impact the students with spiritual knowledge- 2 Tim. 2:15

In order to achieve this, teachers are encouraged to use the manual as an "Outline" for teaching. Lessons will be built around these outlines. It therefore follows that each teacher would learn (during the probation period) or before they are allowed to start taking Sunday School classes on full time bases, how to develop teaching notes and illustrations on passing the message across.

The method of achieving the above will be for each teacher to:

a) take proper notes of (or pay attention to) how other teachers teach and give illustrations. 

b) give positive analysis (positive criticism if any) of the teaching method or ask questions (after meeting or during SS prep) if necessary. 

c) participate in a "mock" like classes organized by the department where upcoming teachers take Sunday school classes and are examined or accessed under suitable headings. 

d) examining teachers will give objectively appropriate feedbacks and suggestions (where necessary) for proper development. 

e) this will be repeated as often as necessary until the teacher is very ready and equipped to be able to take the real class effectively. 

The purpose of the above points it to enable each teacher to develop their own unique style of effective teaching. And also, to deviate away from the culture of just reading the outline word for word as a way of teaching. This will enable the upcoming teachers to do extra study while using the manual as a guide.


  1. Teachers are reminded of their ministerial position as Sunday school teachers to be more attentive during teaching; avoid snubbing students and encourage students  to contribute in the class as much as time allows.
  2. Always guide the class to stay within the topic being discussed and avoid unnecessary deviations.
  3. Teachers  are to be more involved in addressing student’s needs like giving homework, maintaining attendance records and following.
  4. If for any reason teachers are unable to attend Sunday school prep,  the head of department should be informed as soon as practicable.  Also if a teacher is absent due to an assignment from the church, the teacher is deemed to be not absent.
  5. Teachers who are absent from the prep for any month and is scheduled to teach for that month would not be teaching unless otherwise directed.
  6. Female ministers are advised to always cover their hair during teaching in other to abide by the RCCG regulations.



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