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Friday, December 30 2011


Last week we studied the lives of Paul and timothy with Paul and Titus. While Paul decided to circumcise Timothy, he did not insist on Titus being circumcised and the reasons were explained. We also looked at their submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit for every instruction and their prompt obedience.

They were faithful and loyal to God; they did not seek to prove points but sought peace as much as possible.

Wisdom was employed in their dealings in day today conduct in varied situations.


This week's study will look at how their strength and faith was put to extreme test and how their strength did not fail in the day of adversity.

Vs.16. Spiritual alertness spirit (could discern). Do you know the people around you?  

17. What was her motive? What is your motive for the things you do? Is God your ONLY motive or is there a hidden agenda? The devil subtly manifested as an angel of light in order to cause confusion. The bible enjoins us to test all spirits. 1 John 4:1, Matthew 7:15, 2 Peter 2:1

 Satan will sometimes conceal himself under the guise of truth in order to deceive.

18. But Paul, being grieved - Being molested, troubled, offended. Paul was grieved..WHY



19. The hope of their gains was gone - It was this that troubled and enraged them. Instead of regarding the act as proof of divine power, they were intent only on their profits.  What is your heart focused on? The love of money blinds to the truth of the gospel. Many in evil businesses are unwilling to abandon it or be committed in church because eyes are fixed on gains.. (1Tim 6:10) the love of money.


20. The charge which they wished to substantiate was that of being disturbers of the public peace. The moment their course of life is attacked and exposed, they become full of zeal for laws that they were violating or won't hesitate to violate. HYPOCRITICAL CONSCIENTIOUSNESS.

21. Charged the apostles with introducing a new religion which was unauthorized by Roman laws. This was a cunning and artful accusation. They had no way of revenge except causing confusion, spreading lies and using the MULTITUDES. This is one among many instances where wicked and unprincipled people will endeavor to make religion the means of promoting their own interest.

22. And the multitude ..the confusion of multitudes, easily incited even though they don't understand what is going on (looter in London) MULTITUDES (Matthew 27:25). MAJORITY IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

23. And when they had laid many stripes on them - The Jews were by law prohibited from inflicting more than 40 stripes, and usually inflicted but 39, 2 Corinthians 11:24. But there was no such law among the Romans. They were unrestricted in regard to the number of lashes, and probably inflicted many more. Perhaps Paul refers to this when he says 2 Corinthians 11:23, "In stripes above measure."

24. Secured feet in the stocks - These were probably those large pieces of wood, in use among the Romans, which not only loaded the legs of the prisoner, but also kept them extended in a very painful manner. THE RIGHTEOUS DO SUFFER

25. And at midnight - Probably their painful posture, and the sufferings of their recent scourging, prevented their sleeping. Yet, though they had no repose, they had a quiet conscience, and inner strength from the Holy Spirit, their strength did not fail in the day of adversity. They were able to sing and pray. Job 35:10. Psalm 77:6, 42:8 Nothing but a deep relationship with God could have birthed this. The prisoners heard them - And doubtless with astonishment. Prayer and praise are not common in a prison. Songs of rejoicing and praise is not usual among men lying bound in a dungeon. WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR NIGHT SEASONS?


The Christian's source of happiness is within him. External circumstances cannot destroy his peace and joy. In a dungeon he may find as real happiness as on a throne. On the cold earth, beaten and bruised, he may be as truly happy as on a bed. The enemies of Christians cannot destroy their peace. They may incarcerate the body, but they cannot bind the spirit, they may exclude from earthly comforts, but they cannot shut them out from the presence and sustaining grace of God.

We see the inestimable worth of the Christianity. It fits for all scenes; supports in all trials; upholds by day or by night; inspires the soul with confidence in God; and puts into the lips the songs of praise and thanksgiving.


26. And suddenly - While they were praying and singing "A great earthquake" - Matthew 28:2. An earthquake, in such circumstances, was regarded as a symbol of the presence of God, and as an answer to prayer. This was to furnish them proof of the presence and protection of God, and to provide a way for them to escape. It was one among the series of wonders by which the gospel was established, and the early Christians protected amidst their dangers.  Immediately all the doors were opened - An effect that would naturally follow from the violent concussion of the earthquake. Acts 5:19

Everyone's bands were loosed - And yet so eminently did God's providence conduct everything, that not one of the prisoners made his escape, though the doors were open. If any had escaped the jailor wouldn't have been in a frame of mind to accept the gospel.


27. Would have killed himself - Christianity is against self-murder in all forms.

28. Do thyself no harm - Christianity seeks the true welfare of man.  God's laws are for our own good.

29. It is evident that he regarded them as the favorites of God, and was constrained to recognize them as religious teachers

30. Sirs - an address of respect; a title usually given to masters or owners of slaves. "What must I do to be saved"? -

31. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ - This was a simple plain and an effectual direction. Don't make the gospel complex

32. And they spake unto him the word of the Lord - Thus, by teaching him and all that were in his house the doctrine of the Lord, they plainly pointed out to them the way of salvation.

33. He took them the same hour of the night, after they had done preaching to him and to his family and washed their stripes.

34. He set meat before them - They were sufficiently exhausted and needed refreshment. As they were the instruments of bringing health to his soul, he became the instrument of health to their bodies. Genuine faith in Christ will always be accompanied with benevolence and humanity, and every fruit that such dispositions can produce.


35. It is evident from the narrative that it was not contemplated at first to release them so soon; it is not known what produced this change of purpose in the magistrates. It is probable that they had been brought to reflection, somewhat as the jailor had, by the earthquake, and that their consciences had been troubled by the fact, that in order to please the multitude, they had caused strangers to be beaten and imprisoned without trial and contrary to the Roman laws or they judged it best to be content with what punishment they had inflicted on them, and dismiss them.

36. And the keeper of the prison said the magistrates have sent to let you go; they have sent an order to let you out of prison: now therefore depart, and go in peace; which expresses the jailer's pleasure of mind, and joy of heart, in executing his orders; and his sincere and hearty wishes for peace and prosperity to go along with them wherever they went, who had been instrumental of so much good to him and his family.


37 They have beaten us openly un-condemned!  - There are three aggravating circumstances mentioned, of which Paul complains: (a) that they had been beaten contrary to the Roman laws.

(b)The disgrace had been public and the reparation ought to be as public.

(c)Punished without a trial and un-condemned, and therefore the magistrates ought themselves to come and release them, and thus publicly acknowledge their error. Paul knew the privileges of a Roman citizen Acts 22:28



38. They feared when they heard ... - They were apprehensive of punishment for having imprisoned them in violation of the laws of the empire. they besought them to go out, saying: We were ignorant of your circumstances, that ye were righteous men. And, leading them out, they besought them, saying, Depart from this city, lest they again make an insurrection against you, and clamor against you." They seem not to be so hostile as the day before.


39. And they came and besought them - A most humiliating act for Roman magistrates, but in this case it was unavoidable. The apostles had them completely in their power, and could easily affect their disgrace and ruin. Probably they besought them by declaring them innocent; by affirming that they were ignorant that they were Roman citizens, etc.

40. They went to the house of Lydia, comforted, exhorted and encouraged them to persevere, notwithstanding the opposition and persecution which they might meet with. They would have shared their testimony of divine deliverance, jailers' family conversion and their release from prison and exhorted them to cleave to the Lord, to continue in the faith, and abide by the truths and ordinances of the Gospel.



God is faithful; He will always make a way of escape Isaiah 43:1-3. We must be spiritually and physically alert. Let not your strength fail in the day of adversity. Keep your focus on God and God alone.



Contributor: Esther Alajiki

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