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Friday, December 30 2011


You are welcomed again to the book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the Apostles. It's been a very remarkable and impacting experience so far, looking at these ministers of the most High God, breaking traditions and setting Godly standards during their existence on this planet earth.

Last week, we started the study on the encounter of Cornelius, a centurion of the Italian Regiment, with an Angel of God. His life was going to be changed forever. Not only this, but any Judaism related mindset was also going to be broken in the lives of the Apostles too. Hitherto, the Apostles have been in their comfort zones - preaching Christ to the lost sons and daughters of Israel, Cornelius encounter introduces them to a God that shows no prejudice!

In our study today, we shall be looking at this portion of Acts 10 through series of questions and we trust God that this will break the mould in the church today, take us from our comfort zone, and propel us into the harvest which is already very ripe (Matthew 9:37).


Do you like change? Few of us do. It is so easy to settle into a comfortable rut rather than endure the discomfort of change. This lesson is about changes that were necessary for the early church to grow. Ask God what changes are needed in your life for you to become your best.

You see, nothing can be liberating than the truth! Remember the words of Jesus in Mark 2:22? This is the purpose of today's study.



The next day Peter and his six companions set out for Caesarea. How sure was Cornelius that Peter would come? Who arranged this meeting?


What was the first thing Peter said to this Gentile crowd? What had Peter finally come to realize through this experience?


How did Peter begin his sermon? What are some subtle ways we "show favoritism"?



Can you recall a time when you felt separated from others because of social, economic or racial differences?


Which of the following groups are represented in your church? Irish, Poor, Physically Challenged, Divorced, Widowed, Homeless, Addicts, Orphan, Former Convict, e.t.c. Does your church "look like" the nation?


How have you observed people react when someone of different race, dress, looks or economic status joins? How do you react? Why do you think churches are still so segregated?


How are prejudices formed? How does God view our prejudices? (James 2: 8-9) How can we relinquish them? Share your struggles and/or victories.


Reread verse 35. Does this mean Cornelius' good deeds had earned him salvation? If so, why did he still need Jesus? What is the most crucial "right" thing to do in life?


In what way was this event (Acts 10:44-46) similar to (Acts 2:1-4)? What is the significance?


What did Peter and his companions do to show confirmation of Peter's new revelation from the Lord? [Compare this with Acts 2:38]


Throughout this lesson we have observed two men who were open to change and new ideas. What is the lesson for you from their example? What change in your life required the most adjustment? What do you need to change now? Discuss your struggles and/or victories.


Throughout this section, Peter is taken through a process to end his prejudices. Trace the process. What process has God taken you through?


Consider how difficult it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have when you try to change others! This is the job of the Holy Spirit.

Contributor: Leye Olayiwola

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