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Friday, December 30 2011


Last week, we learnt that there were still some mind-sets and doctrines in some churches still being unconsciously practised by this generation of believers that we need to stand up to and correct like Deacon Stephen did in his days. We also learnt that we should seek to live consistently impactful lives full of God's determined and already established purpose.

Today's text is an introduction into the second aspect of the doctrine of the Jews that Stephen challenged. Reading through the text, I discovered that the verses do not particularly relate to our purpose for the study of the Acts of the Apostles. And I felt it would be an opportunity to carry out a review of what we have studied of the Acts of the Apostles so far.



Overview of Acts of the Apostles

In the overview, we learnt that the book of Acts was written by Luke to Theophilus; we also looked at the Importance and purpose of the Book of Acts - the record of the beginnings and development of the early church.


WEEK 2 - Text:      Acts 1:1-14

In the second class - "Dissertation of the book of Acts", we learnt about whom the men and women were, what their accomplishments and failures were, how they ended and what was expected of us.


WEEK 3 - Text:      Acts 1: 15 - 26

The Preparation for Pentecost, we learnt that we can experience Pentecost and the workings of the Holy Spirit as it was in the days of the early church. But that we have to be prepared for it; not just in words of mouth but in the things we do. We have to put our house in order - let's do what is right whatever it takes. We have to, work in unity (agreeing to the fundamentals), and live in absolute obedience to the word of God; not tradition and religion), pray in righteousness (effectual and fervent).


WEEK 4 - Text:      Acts2: 1 - 13

On day four we saw how the advent of the Holy Spirit; the conditions that were met for Him to come as well as that the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost was all orchestrated by God Himself.


WEEK 5 - Text:      Acts2: 14 - 39

The Pentecostal sermon, in these verses, we saw the transformation that can happen to an ordinary person filled with the Holy Spirit (Timid Peter changed to bold peter). We learnt that every one of us can change for the better by the help of the Holy Spirit. We also learnt the how a message should be delivered. They should carry hope to the world, not tales, but a message that is relevant, delivered without fear or favour. A message that offers solution to life's questions; preached by our very lives!


WEEK 6 - Text:      Acts2: 40 - 47

Believers' fellowship: Pathway to Growth; here, we learnt the vital rudiments to the growth of the first century church; Steadfastness, dedication of everyone in the ?fold', like-mindedness, unity, continuity, and love. All these existing amongst apostles made it possible for them to receive favour from all the people. It inspired and convicted many to salvation and eventually led to numerical increase in the church.


WEEK 7 - Text:            Acts 3: 1 - 10

Let the Acts Begin, this study taught us lessons and wisdoms from the lifestyles of the as well as the crippled man at the gate. The lifestyle of seeking God's face in prayers and fellowship, the diligence of the crippled man - going daily to the temple, as well as that he was expectant of something. The Apostles remembered the promise of Jesus and dared to go further and the result was a miracle!


WEEK 8 - Text: Acts 3: 11 - 26

The Second Sermon, here we saw Peter's blueprint for impactful messages. Consistency, relevance, delivered without fear or favour and one that offers solution to the hearers. He was also very careful not to take or share God's glory.


WEEK 9 - Text: Acts 4:  1 - 22

The Commission, Mission, Unction, Oppositions and Persecution; in this study we saw the first opposition the church received from the religious rulers by attempting to threaten and intimidate the apostles and the boldness and wisdom with which they apostles handled them.


WEEK 10 - Text: Acts 4:  23 - 37

In this study, we saw the first opposition the apostles and the church experienced and their reaction. We learnt from them what we should do should we face similar oppositions; they went back to God in prayer and asked for boldness to preach the word. Their prayers caused a shaking and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spoke the word of God with boldness and with power, they wrought miracles. The opposition also caused them to draw even closer, they were in one accord and had all things common with people selling their belongings and bringing them to the apostles so that no one lacked.


WEEK 11 - Text: Acts 5:  1 - 21

Satan's intrusion in the Camp; here, we saw Ananias and Saphira's failed attempt to lie to the Holy Spirit and the consequences - negative (death of the couple) and positive (sanity in the church). We also discovered that the Sanhedrin weren't upset because they felt like the One True God was being profaned or because they felt like the apostles were heretics. They were simply jealous! Hence the attack they launched out against the apostles.


WEEK 12 - Text: Acts 5:  22 - 42

In The Face of Challenge; in this study, we see the apostles' response in the face of challenge. They chose to obey God; they didn't fight back or protest; instead they took suffering in Jesus' name with dignity and they were consistently relentless. And once again Peter's message - consistent! We also learnt that when Conviction meets with Pride, it amounts to Guilt but when Conviction meets with Humility, it leads to Repentance


WEEK 13 - Text: Acts 6:  1 -15

Challenges of Growth; in this study we learnt that with growth come challenges both from within and without. We saw how the apostles handled the challenge WITHIN - Nepotism (they did not ignore the problem or reduce its importance, they identified what their duties were; they didn't interfere and become side tracked, they allowed the people choose for themselves (but with criteria) they did not lord it over the people and they let the people know what the game plan was - no secrecy, no deceit. They were transparent. WITHOUT - Opposition & Conspiracy against Stephen that will lead to his death but in his trial, we saw his boldness. He was armed with the word of God he couldn't be argued down!


WEEK 14 - Text: Acts 7:  1 - 22

Living with Purpose, in this study we saw how Stephen, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, was set to ask the Jewish leaders to re-think change their views and perspectives concerning God. To shift focus from the things they erroneously held dear; one of which was the Land. We also learnt that like Stephen & Esther we should know the reason why we are alive and be ready to die for our beliefs. We should always endeavour to tell the truth and not trade with it!


Contributor: Isekhua Evborokhai

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