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Friday, December 30 2011


Last week, we saw the potency of the endowment of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. An ashamed, confused and fearful Peter before Pentecost delivered an authoritative sermon engrafted in the Word of God unprepared. Though being an uneducated fisherman, he expounded the scriptures in a relevant and unapologetic manner. His message, eloquently supported with scriptures, has nothing to do with his personality but the unseen Power (the Holy Spirit) who took charge and brought conviction to the hearts of the hearers (John 16:8). From the lesson, as believers we must ensure that our message (preaching, etc) must be relevant, delivered without fear or favour, offering solutions to life's questions and most importantly this message must be preached by our own very lives. Today, we will look at the beautiful beginning of the Christian church and her effect on both the church and participating members.


From the Church (group of believers) point of view - Vs 40 - 41


Definition of Growth: An increase in some quantity over time


There were about 120 believers gathered in the room before Peter's sermon but after the discourse, the hearts of many hearers had been so pierced that they gladly received the message and about 3000 souls were added to them.


We must note from the passage that it is God's desire for His church to increase in number (Numeric growth). Just after empowerment of the disciples, the next notable ?miracle' of the Holy Spirit was to convict the heart of men, not leaving them to themselves but adding them to the church. A vital church grows!!!


It is the responsibility of EVERY believer to work out this God's desire. Adams Clarke's Commentary puts it this way: ?These 3000 were not converted under one discourse, nor in one place, nor by one person. All the apostles preached, some in one language, and some in another; and not in one house-for where was there one at that time that could hold such a multitude of people? For, out of the multitudes that heard, 3000 were converted; and if one in five was converted it must have been a very large proportion. The truth seems to by this: All the apostles preached in different parts of the city, during the course of that day; and in that day, 3000 converts were the fruits of the conjoint exertions of these holy men"


From the believer (each person) point of view Vs 42-47


Definition of fellowship: Friendly association with others: companionship

It was just after their conversion that they were said to be added to the church. We may have heard it that we are all God's children but the truth is that we are not considered added by God's standard until we are genuinely repented and converted, through faith in Christ.

Vs 42 - Steadfast (fixed in intensity or direction, unwavering or determined in purpose) continuity (an uninterrupted flow) in the Word, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers.


The quality of this fellowship is determined by the quality of the supply of individual component (Eph 4:16). Let us all ensure that we contribute our continued ?supply' (spiritual in this sense - place of prayers, study of the Word, etc on individual basis) for growth of the whole fellowship.


Vs 43 - The power of the Holy Spirit move freely via the Apostle to do many wonders, signs and awesome things because of the dedication of everyone in the ?fold'. (Note the word ?then' at the beginning of the verse)


Vs 44 - Like-mindedness: Being in company of people who think like you do is very critical to your growth and survival as a Christian. "When the devil wants to deal with a Christian, he will try to isolate him from brethren, from church, from the bible then from fellowshipping with God. As long as he is in broken fellowship, there will not be counselors to guide him in the right path" Pastor EA unpublished. Heb 10:24 (Amp)


Vs 45 - No one should be in need (not want) amongst a community of believers.

Question: Is this reproducible in the present day church? Hint: Connect with what happened later and suggest possible cautions to your answers.


Vs 46 - Continuity in the temple (house of God) with one accord is a pillar for successful Christian experience here on earth Heb 10:25 (Amp). There is joy in doing things together whether holy communion, eating together from house to house, visiting, etc. They all have significant impact on the growth of the involving individual.


Vs 47 - The ?force' of love existing amongst them made it possible for them to receive favour from all the people. It inspired and convicted many to salvation and eventually led to numerical increase in the church.



The importance of Christian fellowship can not be over emphasized especially in the present day church. It is natural for anyone to want to be around people like him/her. In fact, one of the early signals of being in a backsliding state is the absence of desiring the companionship of fellow believers under any disguise. It is a good litmus test that every believer must note. Each believer must ensure his/her part in the fellowship is not lagging. We must all contribute our quota to the spiritual, numerical and financial growth of the local church (Miracle Land Dundalk) with steadfastness and unwavering loyalty.


Contributor: Akin Akande

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