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Thursday, December 29 2011


The word "Act" by definition means the process of doing something or the performance of a deed or action. The Acts of the Apostles or the Book of Acts therefore means the acts or actions or deeds carried out or performed by the Disciples of Christ.

As we attempt a telescopic analysis of this very important book; we are confronted with certain realities; realities that magnify themselves as the Holy Spirit takes us on a spiritual journey into what lies beneath and within the compilation of this historical phenomenon. The "Logos" of the ?Book of Acts' makes it a compelling read, a block-buster that holds you enchanted from the very start to the finish. But when confronted with the "Rhema" of the ?Book of Acts' we are then confronted with certain undeniable examinations of ourselves in light of the characters within this odyssey. 

Facts to address as we study this book

1.      Who were these men and women?

Importance of who they were: that we might look at their background, pedigree, beginnings and be assured that our lives can also be significant. Acts: 4: 13, 1 Sam22: 1-5, 1Cor1: 22-25

2.      What were their accomplishments?

Importance of their accomplishments; given their peculiar circumstances and situations they succeeded.  We also can excel regardless of our circumstances.

3.      What were their failures?

Importance of knowing their failures; that we might avoid their pitfalls and also realise their humanity.

4.      How did they end?

Importance of knowing how they ended; one can only be successful at the end of one's journey. Were they successful despite all the odds and contentions?

5.      What are we to do?

Importance of our actions: to appreciate their efforts, empathise with their pains, recognise their frailties, aspire to their accomplishments, and yearn to leave our footprints in the annals of history. Acts: 2

The challenge that this book presents

Would our lives be worthy of being chronicled as theirs was? What would we leave posterity and the writers of history to judge us by when our time effluxes?

(Verse: 1) A reference to Theophilus; (Loved by God), of former treatise (book of Luke) to which Jesus' life bore testament to His preaching. Romans: 2:13, James: 1: 22-25

(Verse: 2) still a reference to Jesus up until His ascension Matthew: 28: 18-20, Luke: 24: 50. Mark: 16: 15-20, by the commandment of the Spirit, to His apostles; a command which He extends still to His chosen. John: 15: 16

(Verse: 3) Acts: 9: 3-7, John 21: 6-10, 15-17, Luke: 24: 13, 31.

(Verse: 4) John 16: 7, 13-15. No wise master sends his servant anything of importance without the necessary tool for accomplishment. The Holy Spirit is the tool of the believer; because He's too important for the assignment the apostles were to undertake. If Jesus could not evangelise without the Holy Spirit neither can you. Matthew: 3: 14-16. The Holy Spirit is the power house of the believer you cannot afford to be without Him. Luke: 24: 47-49.

(Verse 5) Joel: 2: 28-30, Jesus clearly indicates and differentiates the baptism of John with that of Christ. John baptises with water Jesus baptises with the Holy Ghost and fire. Acts 19: 4-7

(Verse: 6) the apostles talked about a physical kingdom; they didn't understand that they were about to embark on a spiritual journey that will birth in them the greatest kingdom that ever will be. Luke: 12: 32. Little did they know that the kingdom of Israel will be destroyed completely 70 years AD. God will ensure our restoration for we are His kingdom.

(Verse: 7) God has time and season for everyone and every nation. Israel was restored in 1948 as a nation. Eccle3: 11 Psalm: 31: 15.

(Verse: 8) the purpose of tarrying at Jerusalem and establishing God's kingdom can only be done through the arrival of the Holy Spirit. When the power of God comes it will enable us to witness to families, our societies, communities and the world. The Holy Ghost is to help us to witness Christ with power and authority. Luke: 10: 1, Matthew: 10: 1

(Verse 9) this clearly gives further assertion to the ascension of Christ before so many witnesses illustrating the reality of Jesus' ever abiding presence with us.

(Verse 10) there are many heavenly beings with us; assuring us of the reality of angelic beings. Luke: 24: 4, Psalm: 91: 11-12, Hebs1:14

(Verse: 11) Jesus is coming back just has he departed; 1Thessa4: 15-19, Matthew: 24: 26-28.

(Verse: 12) they began a journey to the place of encounter, in obedience to Christ.

(Verse: 13) Role calls of those original apostles that Christ chose still waxing strong awaiting the promise of the father. One name was however missing; Judas, at the verge of a new day for the apostle the same Judas who had laboured with them was nowhere to be found. The devil used him and discarded him.

(Verse: 14) they didn't go to sleep waiting for the promise of the Father; they prepared themselves in unity, prayer and worship; awaiting the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Their minds were focused on one singular purpose the advent of the Holy Spirit.

These seemly insignificant men and women were to begin a revolution, the kind the world would never recover from. From that gathering in that obscure place their story has travelled across the world proclaiming the everlasting truth of the King whose throne and Kingdom rules over all; and to whom all must bow.

Contributor: Paul Thomas

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