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Thursday, May 02 2024

Contributor: Tobi Morakinyo

The phrase "the Word of God" or "the Word of the Lord" has a number of different meanings in Scripture: (1) The spoken Word of God – personally spoken by God when addressing humans (Genesis 2:16-17), making a decree (e.g., Genesis 1:1-3), or spoken through His prophets/priests or Jesus Christ. (2) The written Word of God - has divine inspiration but human authorship, e.g., the Bible and Spirit-inspired books (2 Timothy 3:16-17). (3) Incarnate or The living Word of God i.e. The Word - This is the Word of God made flesh and lived among us (human), that is Jesus Christ, and this is who we will be studying more closely. May the Word Himself speak to our hearts tonight in His Name. Amen.

The Word and the Spirit
• Who is the Word? John 1:1-2. Jesus is the word of God, and a man is known by His words.
• How can we explain that Jesus is the Son of God? John 1:14. Jesus has a divine, incorruptible, and eternal origin, he existed at the beginning with God, the glory He showed is not ordinary but divine as of the begotten of the Father.
• How do we account for the Holy Spirit in the Trinity? I John 5:7. The Holy Spirit is the Breath of God and both the Holy Spirit, and the Word quickens.
• How then is Jesus equal to the Holy Spirit? John 6:63, Psalms 119:50. The Word and the Holy Spirit are the same.
• How do we know that Holy Spirit loves Jesus? John 16:13-14. We know that the Holy Spirit loves Christ because He glorifies Him.

The Unchanging Word
• Can God’s Word change? Isaiah 40:8. God’s word cannot change because Christ, the Word, changes not and is eternal.
• Give some of His unchangeable Words? Isaiah 9:6, Hebrew 13:8, Isaiah 53:5,Acts 1:8,and John 9:31. Some of His unchangeable words are that we are already healed, the Holy Ghost is available for us to empower us, and sinner’s prayers will not be answered unless they repent.

Result of the Word of God being from the beginning?
• What are some of the results of the facts that “the Word was with God from the beginning? John 14:8-11, John 9:4 , John 14:24, Matthew 11:27, John 17:25, John 3:35, John 17:26. The outcome of the Word being with God from the beginning includes:

(a) Intimacy in outlook in works and words

(b) deep and total knowledge of each other and

(c) deep love and trust of each other.

• How can we know the mysteries of God? We can know the mysteries of God by

(a) Revelation (Amos 3:7)

(b) nearness to Christ, the Word (John 15:15), and

(c) through the baptism in the Holy Spirit (1 Cor.2:9-10)

• How can we demonstrate our love for the Word? John 14:21, Matt.5:16, John 15:8, John 4:24.

We too can demonstrate our love for Christ by keeping His commandments and glorying Him

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Word, the Word is life and spirit. The Word knows everything about the Father and reveals deep mysteries of God to man. And you know that the Word loves you, but do you love the Word? Do you glorify Him in your words, thoughts, and deeds? Would you love to start doing so from now on?

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