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Wednesday, April 10 2024

Contributor: Okwudili Prince Isaac

The glory of God can be akin to the display of His magnificence. It could also mean praise and honour being showered upon His great name. Indeed, it is impractical to fully define God’s glory in human words simply because of His infinite perfection, infinite greatness, and infinite worth. It is the going-public of His holiness.
The scripture makes us understand that the glory of man is - at best, like the flower of grass, I Pet. 1:24, in fact Solomon (in his prime) did not compare favourably with lilies of the field, Mat. 6:28-29. Contrasts this with the glory of the Lord - a devouring fire, Exod. 24:17. If a sinner, not covered in the blood of the Lamb, should behold Him, the glory of His face alone will kill the sinner instantly, Exodus 33:18-23. But a saved soul will obtain a portion of this eternal Divine glory, II Timothy 2:10

The Brightness of Divine Glory
Saul of Tarsus saw the glory of God at noonday, and it was brighter than the noon-day sun. Apostle John saw Jesus in full glory and described His hair as whiter than earthly white, His eyes as flame of fire, His feet like brass in a furnace, His voice loud, deep and yet soft, His countenance as the radiance of the sun on a cloudless day. When the Apostles saw Him in glory, the very garments He wore changed colours, Acts 22:6, Rev 19: 11-12, Mark 9: 2-6

The Human Body is too Weak to Withstand His Glory
Whenever the glory of God appears to ordinary men, there are serious reactions. For example:
• I Kings 8:15-18; His glory drove out the priests in Solomon’s temple,
• Exod. 40:34-35: His glory prevented Moses from entering the tabernacle,
• Isaiah 6:1-5; It revealed the sinful state of Isaiah,
• Ezek. 1:26-28, Acts 9:3-4, Daniel 8:15-18, Rev. 1:17; His glory knocked down Ezekiel and Saul of Tarsus, and knocked out Daniel and John the Revelator.
• Leviticus 16:2; His glory can kill a careless priest.
• II Corinthians 4:17, Philippians 3:21; Indeed, our bodies must be changed to be able to fully enter His glory at His second coming.

Divine Glory Has Weight: The More Souls We Win The Heavier Our Glory
There are different kinds of glories, and one glory excels another. For instance, the glory of grace excels the glory of the law. Also, glory has weight, and some are heavier than other. And since one condition for obtaining glory is winning souls, it follows therefore that the more souls we win, the heavier will be our weight of
glory. I Cor.15:40-41, II Cor.3:5-11, II Cor.4:17, I Thess.2:19-20, Daniel 12:3, John 15:8.

Believers Can Share in the Divine Glory
Since everything about God is glorious, His holiness, His works, the honour of His majesty, His gospel, His liberty, His power, and His appearing, it follows that His church must be glorious too. Which means that believers, who constitute His Church, must share in His glory. But there are conditions to be satisfied before we can share in His glory apart from being born again. Some of them are - we must.
a) Be holy (Eph.5:27)
b) Suffer with Him (I Pet.4:12-14, Rom.8: 17, 21)
c) Win souls (Matt.19:28)
d) Be wise (Titus 2:13, Prov.3:35)
e) Be full of good works (Matt.13:43)
f) Keep our body, souls, and spirit pure (I Corin 6:20).

We Can Bring His Glory Down Today
To bring down the glory of God at any time, all we need to do is praise Him. But all who presents themselves must do so in one accord i.e. with one heart and mind and with the same purpose in view. In Spirit and Truth. Also, if we purpose to offer praise Him in the first instance, we must proceed gloriously. Ps.50:23, II Chron.5:13-14, Rom.15:6, Ps.66:2.

In the Old Testament after Moses’ encounter with God on Mount Sinai, he returned to his people and his face glowed from being in God’s presence. His face was glowed so much a veil had to be placed over his visage.
Today, we have access to the very presence of God, but in a better way than Moses. Moses experienced the glory of God for a moment and eventually that radiance faded away. However, we have God’s spirit indwelling us so that radiance never ceases. God’s presence doesn’t just visit and depart; God’s presence is ever ‘s with us because He’s indwelling. As we surrender more and more to the Holy Spirit we become more of the trophy of God’s grace and the evidence of God’s glory within us will radiate to everything (and person) around us.
Welcome to a glorious life.

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