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Friday, December 30 2011


Last week we studied how Phillip was used of God and the fact that God can use anyone to build his church. We saw the characteristics of Philip, faithfulness and obedience, preparedness and sensitivity in delivery, he was not religious and in tune with the Spirit & extremely zealous.  Having been chosen to be used by God, we should observe these characteristics and allow God work His work in and through us.


Verse 20:

And straightway - IMMEDIATELY; it was an evidence of the genuineness of his conversion that he was willing at once to show himself to be the friend and disciple of THE LORD JESUS. The great question to be determined, for the conviction of the Jews, was that Jesus was the Son of God the Christ, or Messiah. As soon as he knew Christ himself, he preached him to others, and whom he always made the subject of his ministry.


Verse 21: "But all that heard him were amazed . . ."

Not the disciples that believed in Christ, but the unbelievers, as shown by their words.


Verse 22: "But Saul increased the more in strength . . ."

Not of body, but of mind; his gifts and graces, and spiritual light and knowledge increased; his abilities were greater; his fortitude of mind, boldness, and freedom of speech, every day increased. He confounded the Jews which dwelt at Damascus; confuted them, and put them to silence, so that they had nothing to say for themselves, or against the truth.


Verse 23:

He went into Arabia, where he continued about three years, and then returned to Damascus, where what is related happened to him; Galatians 1:17. The Jews took counsel to kill him; being filled with indignation at him, that he had changed his religion, and from a persecutor to a preacher of the Gospel.


Verse 24: "But their laying await was known of Saul . . ."

Either by divine revelation, or by some friends, who had got knowledge of it, and gave him information, as in Acts 23:16. God will always deliver from every evil.


Verse 26 "And when Saul was come to Jerusalem . . ."

Three years had passed since he left the city, a proud, talented young Pharisee, with brilliant worldly prospects, the honoured agent of the Sanhedrin, commissioned to stamp out Christianity at Damascus now returns a disciple of Him whom he sought to destroy. They were all afraid of him. Little was known in the church of the change. A great part of the three years were spent in Arabia, probably in study and preparation of his great work.


Verse 27:

Barnabas - brought him to the apostles - That is, to Peter and James; for others of the apostles he saw none, Galatians 1:19. It appears that he went up at this time to Jerusalem merely to see Peter, with whom he abode fifteen days, Galatians 1:18.


Verse 28: "And be was with them . . ."

Peter and James, and the rest of the disciples; he lived with them, conversed with them, and joined with them in all religious exercises.


Verse 29: "And spake boldly . . ."

He openly defended the doctrine that Jesus was the Messiah. He was branded an apostate: guilty of death.


Verse 30:

They brought him down to Caesarea. The same class of Jews who had raised the persecution against Stephen now sought the death of Saul.


Verse 31:

Then had all the churches rest owing either to the conversion of Saul or to the Jews being engrossed with the emperor Caligula's attempt to have his own image set up in the temple of Jerusalem.


Verse 32:

The Churches having rest, the apostles made use of this interval of quiet to visit the different congregations, in order to build them up on their most holy faith


Verses 33 -35

Peter does not pretend to heal by any power of his own, but directs Eneas to look up to Christ for help. Peter knew Jesus will heal him. This miracle birthed soul winning.


Verses 36-39:

Dorcas was full of MANY good works: She was constantly doing good. Many are full of good words but empty and barren in good works. Secondly it is good to note the appreciation of the people who acknowledged her good deeds. Ingratitude kills miracles.


Verse 40: "Peter put them all forth, and kneeled down and prayed"

It was not even known to Peter that God would work this miracle: therefore he put all the people out that he might seek the will of God by fervent prayer, and during his supplications he wanted no distraction or interruption.


Verse 41 - 43 "He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called the believers and the widows and presented her to them alive. This became known all over Joppa, and many people believed in the Lord. Peter stayed in Joppa for some time with a tanner named Simon."



God is still in the business of building His Church are you available for use? He is not looking for ability, He needs your availability.



Contributor: Esther Alajiki

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